The members of the Bedford Messiah Choir, and the charities that we support, are extremely grateful for the contributions that we receive from our Sponsors.

One of our objectives is to maximise the amount of money that we can distribute each year to our chosen charity. Over the years, sponsorship in the form of a financial contribution has gone a long way to covering the costs of putting on the performance, so most of the proceeds of ticket sales can be passed on to the charity. In addition we have enjoyed sponsorship from organisations who provide us with free or subsidised services or facilities that would otherwise have eaten into the proceeds.

The Bedford Messiah Choir, and the charities we support, wish to pay particular tribute to those who have sustained a generous level of sponsorship over many years, either by financial contribution or through the provision of services or facilities.

In 2011 we were also very fortunate to receive additional new sponsorship from two local organisations.

They each offered us facilities that we would otherwise have had to pay for.

Without their support, our net proceeds would have been reduced, and we would have had less money to donate to our chosen charity.

We are now actively seeking sponsors to join in our special 75th anniversary celebrations. All sponsors will be acknowledged at the Performance and in our special souvenir programme. Sponsors may also like to place an advertisement there.

Sponsors will also be invited to submit an item for inclusion on a new web page which is currently in preparation - a special 'Birthday Salute to our Sponsors'.

Sir Samuel Whitbread,
HM Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire

Bunyan Meeting

Tema Music

Barfordian Coaches Ltd

Woodfines solicitors

If you would like to sponsor our
2012 performance in any way,
or would like further information,
please email our chairman
Roland Carpenter,