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Bedford Messiah Choir 1937 - 2019
The choir traces its origins to an initiative in 1937 
when singers from a number of local churches pooled
their resources in undertaking the first of what would
become an annual performance of Handel's Messiah
in Bedford. Despite changing its name several times,
the choir has succeeded in maintaining this annual 
tradition, apart from a brief break during the war years.
By the year 2000, the choir had become known
as the Bedford Messiah Choir but did not formally
adopt a constitution until 22 October 2006.
In the following year, we were granted Charity
Status - Charity number 1117616.

In 2012 the choir celebrated its 75th anniversary. 
Special initiatives included:-
      - the launch of this first website,
      - a Messiah Taster Session for new members
        on Sunday October 21st from 2:30 to 4:30 pm 
      - a special souvenir programme for the
        December 1st 2012 performance.
Who's who?
The constitution was adopted on 22 October 2006. 
Right click here and then select Open in New Window or Save Target As 
to download a copy of the Authorised Constitution.
Charity status was granted in January 2007. 
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Current Committee
Our Current Trustees
Officers                    Chairman
Sian Woodfine
Treasurer and
Membership Secretary
Roland Carpenter
Angela Gallivan
Elected members       Publicity
Ian Melville
Richard Gallivan
Gemma Davison
Andy Bain
Debbie Richardson
Andy Richardson
Conductor (non-voting)
Webmaster (vacancy)
Sian Woodfine
Roland Carpenter
(Treasurer and 
Membership Secretary)
Richard Gallivan
(Committee Member)
Gemma Davison
(Committee Member)
What's what?
The Objects of the Bedford Messiah Choir
The Activities of the Bedford Messiah Choir

1. to advance, improve, develop and maintain 
public education in, and appreciation of, 
the art and science of music in all its aspects
by any means the trustees see fit, 
including through the presentation
of public concerts and recitals; 

2. to further such charitable purpose or purposes 
as the trustees in their absolute discretion 
shall think fit but in particular 
through the making of grants and donations.
Public Education
1 Engaging a Professional Conductor
2 Engaging Professional Vocal and Instrumental Soloists.
3 Promoting an Annual Performance of Handel's Messiah.
Furtherance of Charitable Purposes
1 Nominating a Local Charity to Receive net Proceeds of Performance.
2 Offering Additional Publicity to Chosen Charity.
3 Providing Facilities for Charity to Showcase its Activities
Annual Outcomes
Annual General Meeting
Annual Accounts
Right click here and then select Open in New Window or Save Target As to download a copy of the 2011 AGM Agenda and draft Minutes of 13th November 2011. The next AGM will be held during the rehearsal on Sunday 17th November 2019.  
Financial year end
30 June 2011
30 Jun 2010
30 Jun 2009
30 Jun 2008
30 Jun 2007

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